Hayabusa engine swaps into tiny cars are nothing new. Still, it’s not every day you get to see such a build in as much detail as YouTuber Viny B gives it. A Quebecois mechanical engineer by day, Viny likes to build things in his spare time. As you might guess from his training and professional life, his builds are extremely well-thought-out, planned on paper, and then executed using as many skills as necessary. 

Fabricating, 3D printing, and welding parts as necessary is all in a day’s work for Viny, as you’ll see in this 18-minute time lapse video of his entire Smart Hayabusa build. Now, the full build took over a year to complete, and those interested in seeing more detailed, deep dives into each of the different build segments can also check out a full playlist of non-time-lapsed videos.  

Like a lot of enthusiasts, Viny builds what he builds for fun, and to give himself a bit of a challenge. Money and time are finite resources, so he makes the best of what he has to achieve the results he wants. While you and I may not be mechanical engineers, these facts make watching his processes simultaneously inspirational and relatable.  

As you’ll see in this Smart Hayabusa build, Viny takes the concept of a “build” to an entirely different level. Modifying existing structures in order to get them to fit together is one thing, but Viny regularly designs and crafts whole new parts as needed in order to make everything come together just the way he wants. From machining metal to 3D printing a bespoke fuse block, if he can get it down on paper, it seems like he can make it happen.

At the end, you get to watch Viny take the Smart ‘Busa out in the snow for some icy cold drift action, too. Seriously, what could be a better way to spend 18 minutes of your time?