How did you and your significant other celebrate your last anniversary? Did you grab dinner and a movie? Enjoy a weekend getaway? Buy a pair of Rolls-Royces? If you did the last one, then you’re probably Glenn and Gigi Moss, who celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary by commissioning two bespoke Rolls-Royce vehicles. Rolls delivered the pair at a private ceremony in Orange County, California, but one is a bit more special than the other.

The Rolls for Glenn, a Phantom, is more than a simple commissioned creation. He ordered the Rolls-Royce Phantom Tempus Collection that takes the brand’s Starlight headliner to a new level, honouring Albert Einstein, pulsar stars, time, and the universe itself throughout the vehicle with incredible styling touches. The Phantom wears an Arctic White exterior finished in Crystal, and the personalised touches are topped off with the illuminated treadplates reading, “Phantom Tempus Collection – Hand built in Goodwood England for Glenn L. Moss Sr.”

Gallery: Bespoke Roll-Royce Phantom And Dawn

Gigi’s Rolls is a Dawn Black Badge finished in Bright Red exterior paint. It features a bespoke aero cowling that transforms the four-seat convertible into a sleek two-seat roadster. Each of the Spirit of Ecstasy statuettes is unique. The Phantom’s, made from solid silver, is inscribed with the location, in longitudinal and latitudinal coordinates, and the date of where and when the couple first met. The one on the Dawn is made from high-gloss carbon fibre, and it’s etched with the date and location where the couple wed.

The Dawn also gets a personalised inscription that reads, “Hand built in Goodwood England for Gigi Moss.” Rolls-Royce has no qualms building such exclusive and bespoke machines for its customers – it’s a brand hallmark. When Rolls announced the new Phantom Tempus Collection in February, it said it’d only produce 20 examples of the special car. All were allocated before Rolls announced the new collection.