Jeff Dunham isn't the first comedian one thinks of as being a car enthusiast, but he's amassed a collection of nearly 100 cars. It's an eclectic assortment of real machines and Hollywood car stars, but his latest addition is out of this world. The latest Supercar Blondie episode takes Dunham's colossal SUV with gullwing doors down the street to pick up the rapper, actor, and TV host Xzibit.

The massive space rover is called the Chariot, and it stars in the new "Lost in Space" series on Netflix. This is the show's third iteration, with the original hitting the airwaves in 1965, while there was a movie adaptation in 1998. The Chariot, which cost $1.2 million (approx. £865,000), is an obscene contraption with massive hydraulically powered gullwing doors. It looks stunning from 20 feet away, but upon closer inspection, there's no denying it's a movie prop. The exterior looks cool, but much of it isn't functional.

However, it's a movie prop that can move. Power comes from a GM-sourced LS3 V8 making 550 bhp (410 kilowatts), which is plenty for the show. It's plenty of power for the road, too, though Supercar Blondie didn't get it going too fast – it's not street legal, and it's had a few issues. Many of the components are hydraulically controlled, and hydraulic fluid has leaked into the driver's footwell, which made the pedals slippery. 

Dunham had an interest in adding the Chariot to his collection because he also owns the original Chariot from the original TV show. That one was built on a snowcat and featured tank treads – it didn't have the futuristic look of the new one, but both are quite remarkable to have in a collection. The video gets up close with the intersecting space vehicle, showing off the space-age styling and quirkiness that ones with building Hollywood props.