Figuring out which cars will be future classics is a difficult task. Much like picking a winning stock in the stock market, we can only use historical data and intuition the make our picks for future value. Similar to searching for a winning stock, it’s important to consider the opinion of experts and today we have one of the most accomplished car designers ever, Frank Stephenson, and his list of future classics you need to buy now.

The best part about speculating on future classics is the current level of affordability for these underappreciated cars. Although right now is the worst time in history to try and purchase a used car, it’s important to remember that even in today’s competitive market there is massive upside potential.

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There’s simply no enough space to cover all of Stephenson’s picks in this article in detail so let's look at the overall categories. First, we have classically styled coupes like the BWM Z4, Honda S2000, Porsche 997 911. In today’s car market it's no secret that coupes are a dying breed, so any opportunity to own a coupe is quite special. Each of these cars is also linked by their analogue driving experience with special naturally aspirated engines and minimal electronics.

Moving on, we have unique hatchbacks like the Honda CR-Z, Vauxhall GTC ZXR, and Alfa Romeo Brera. These expressive hatchback designs all stand out among the current crop of hot hatches. The CR-Z is a classic wedge shape, the Brera is based on an Alfa Romeo concept car, and the Vauxhall GTC ZXR is the pinnacle of affordable hot hatch performance with expressive design.

Finally, we have the unique Citron C6, which is destined to be a future classic thanks to its low sales volume and interesting styling. This unique luxury saloon is a playful take on a serious segment.