Just last week, the new BMW 2 Series has hit the limelight, giving us an official look at the relatively compact coupe. The arrival of the 2er of course gave birth to speculations about the hot M2 counterpart, including a full albeit unofficial rendering. But as it turns out, that rendering could be far from reality at all.

That's if we're to believe the latest leak coming from China. Spilled over by BMW Blog, Instagram user sugardesign_1 has posted three images of the alleged G87 M2 front bumper that is supposed to have arrived in the People's Republic.


As always, take this with a heavy dose of scepticism as BMW hasn't confirmed the leaked images (obviously). But BMW Blog has shared some insights that bring credibility to the Instagram user.

According to the website, the source was proven to be reliable with similar leaks coming from China, including an early look at the M3/M4's front bumper design. The leaked images also align with what the website knows about the M2's design, which includes a unique kidney design, plus large air openings akin to BMW race cars.

Then again, this still isn't a confirmation, but we could rest to think that it could be the real thing.

So far, we already know that the next-generation G87 generation M2 is supposedly arriving with 450 bhp (336 kilowatts) and over 400 pound-feet (542 Newton-metres) of torque on tap. It's likely to be exclusively rear-wheel drive, with transmission options limited to manual and automatic gearboxes.

The 2023 BMW M2 is expected to be unveiled next year, with the vehicle entering production by December 2022. We'll know more details by then, especially if these leaked images are real.