The all-new Lotus Emira represents the historic brand’s last internal combustion car. With the Emira set to hit dealer lots in late 2022, it won’t be long before we get to see Lotus’s latest metal in action.

Before hitting production, the Emira made a pilgrimage to the Goodwood Festival Of Speed where all great cars complete a shake-down run up the hallowed hillclimb. To make the run even more exciting, the Lotus Emira is driven by Formula One driver Jenson Button with car Youtuber Shmee in the passenger seat.

The Lotus Emira replaces both the featherweight Elise and Evora as Lotus’s entry-level sportscar. Thanks to a new influx of cash courtesy of parent company Geely, Lotus is undergoing a complete overhaul with an all-new production facility ready to mass-produce the new Emira and develop hand-built hypercars like all-electric Evija.

The Lotus Emira is set to compete with the Porsche Cayman/Boxster and now promises to offer a similar fit and finish to its German competitor. The Emira will come with three unique drive train options which include a supercharged Toyota V6 backed by either a 6-speed manual or automatic transmission and a Mercedes-AMG sourced turbocharged inline-4 mated to a dual-clutch transmission.

When it comes to building the perfect driver’s car, nobody can beat Lotus. Lotus’s ability to craft engaging machines hearkens back to the ethos of its founder Colin Chapman who wanted to build simple lightweight cars. In today’s sports car market simple and lightweight don’t always sell since most car buyers want features over driver engagement, but Lotus’s dedicated fan base persists and in today’s car market Lotus products stand out even more as the car for driving connoisseurs.