There’s something about trucks that makes it hard for owners to keep them stock. For the United Kingdom-based YouTuber Mr JWW having a stock Ford Ranger in his fleet of exotics simply could not work. That lead him to drop off his bone stock Ranger with the team at DERANGED for a complete overhaul of both the interior and exterior. The result is a mid-sized truck with the presence of a Lamborghini Aventador and the luxury of a Range Rover.

For Americans, a modified Ford Ranger may seem a little cute compared to the diesel sucking dually beasts that roam their streets, but in the United Kingdom, a Ford Ranger is a fairly large vehicle. Mid-sized trucks may not always make sense for American buyers who could spend a little more cash for a lot more truck in a full-sized offering, but in the rest of the world, mid-sized trucks are king.

This particular Ford Ranger started off life as a normal black crew cab Ranger ready to do support duties for the Mr JWW Youtube channel. It didn’t stay stock for very long as the team at DERANGED got their hands on it for a full overhaul. This complete transformation resulted in a menacing truck that’s sure to stand out on the roads of the United Kingdom.

The exterior features a matte black wrap and wide body kit that add a level of excitement while looking professional. The larger wheels and tyres fill these expanded wheel arches and a massive light bar on the roof is probably going to be more useful as a decoration than as a light source. The interior is now trimmed in leather with a set of beautiful Recaro bucket seats worthy of a supercar. The final build is probably one of the nicest Ford Rangers on the planet earth and a great shop car for a team focused on exotic and exciting vehicles.