The Milton Keynes-based squad has been much more aggressive with developing its RB16B than title rival Mercedes has with its own car.

While Mercedes has had a very limited development programme, with potentially a final upgrade coming for the British Grand Prix, Red Bull has been non-stop in pushing to improve its chassis.

It has worked on all areas of the car, including the wings, diffuser, floor, and bargeboard area in the bid to eke out more performance.

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner suggested after its victory in the Austrian Grand Prix, which has helped it open up more of a lead over Mercedes in the title standings, that the team was still very much focused on pushing on with its current challenger.

“You’ve got to go week by week, race by race and I think the team's doing a great job of balancing the challenges of this year and next year,” he explained about the potential to not risk its 2022 efforts.

“It's nothing new. I mean there's a lot being made of it at the moment, but we've had big regulation changes in the past so you just have got to balance your resource and apply it to what needs the most. I think the team are working incredibly hard, extremely well and effectively.”

Despite having won the last five races, Red Bull is under no illusions that next week’s British GP will be a tougher challenge for it.

The Silverstone circuit has previously played better to the strengths of the Mercedes aero package, and will therefore provide a perfect indicator on whether or not Red Bull has a car that is quicker on all tracks right now.

Horner added: “It’s a shame we don’t have more races in Austria, because now we head to a circuit that has been really very much a Mercedes stronghold for the last seven years.

“It's also different challenges with the sprint race introduction, and a different format that weekend. Obviously, Mercedes have been enormously strong there over the years. And, Lewis [Hamilton] has his home support as well. So we expect it to be a big challenge.

“We know it's such a stronghold for Mercedes. So it's going to be fascinating to see if we can take this form into what is our next home race.

“I think we have found a good working window with the car over the last few races and I think that hopefully we can work within that window at Silverstone.”

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