If there's one Stellantis brand in desperate need of fresh products, other than Lancia, it's certainly Chrysler. The 117-year-old company is now merely a shadow of its former self by selling a pair of MPVs and an outdated saloon. Seeing the glass half full, the world's fourth-largest automaker has vowed to invest in all of its 14 brands in the next 10 years, and that includes Chrysler.

It looks as though we might have been given a sneak preview of a long-overdue new Chrysler. During an eventful Stellantis EV Day 2021, which included teasers of a Dodge electric muscle car and a zero-emissions Ram 1500, a new vehicle carrying the winged logo made an appearance. Ok, perhaps it's not all that new since it looks like a major evolution of last year's Airflow Vision concept introduced at CES.

Gallery: Chrysler Airflow possible production version teaser

There are some huge differences compared to the CES showcar though. For starters, the vehicle briefly shown by Chrysler's design boss Ralph Gilles has doors (with pop-out handles) and side mirrors. It even features the American mandatory orange side markers, and while it might not be the final version, it must be a pre-production prototype of some sort.

The Airflow Vision's screen-heavy interior seems to have a correspondent on the road-going vehicle, which boasts a two-spoke steering wheel and a massive panoramic glass roof. It looks quite posh for a Chrysler, featuring ambient lighting in the seats, though having so many screens inside the cabin is potentially a deal-breaker for some people.

Gallery: Chrysler Airflow Vision Concept

Technical specifications are limited at this point, but if the Airflow Vision is indeed heading to production, it will ride on one of Stellantis' new EV-focused platforms. While footage of the new Chrysler was being played during the Stellantis EV Day 2021 livestream, Ralph Gilles was talking about the STLA Large platform, which promises to enable a maximum range of 500 miles (800 kilometres).

The architecture is currently being developed, which means that if the new Chrysler will be based on the STLA Large, it won't come out anytime soon. Ralph Gilles said no fewer than eight EVs will be launched in the next 3-5 years on this architecture, and hopefully, one of them will be a Chrysler.