It goes without saying that the Precept is an essential part of Polestar’s future, and the fact that the company has dedicated a YouTube documentary series to it certifies once more that we’re dealing with much more than a concept car.

The title of the video series, “Polestar Precept: From Concept to Car,” is self-explanatory, too. The introductory episode has just been launched and it’s called “The concept.”

As you can imagine, it tells the story of the Precept concept car’s development, and the interesting thing is that Polestar set out to design a real car from the start, not just a design study, as styling boss Maximilian Missoni reveals in the video.

The transition from a concept EV meant to wow auto show crowds (the Precept didn’t enjoy that privilege as the 2020 Geneva Motor Show got cancelled) to a production model is a difficult one, obviously. There are so many constraints the finished product must accommodate, from ever-stricter safety requirements to market-specific regulations, competitive comfort and performance levels and the latest tech—and it has to do all that while making sure the design won’t get lost in translation.

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The latter part is one of the greatest challenges for the people working on making the Precept a reality, and the video explores some of the team’s efforts, such as making sure the experimental interior materials and exterior details like the flush door handles carry over to the production model.

The road-going Precept is under full-scale development and will reach customers “in the coming years.” It will do so as Polestar’s flagship, showcasing the brand’s ambitions in terms of design, sustainability and technology.

The documentary series will continue through the entire development phase, so make sure you tune in to Polestar’s YouTube channel if you’re interested in following the team’s progress with the Precept electric performance flagship.