[UPDATE] Video embedded above removed from YouTube.  -  An electric muscle car is coming from Dodge in 2024, and the company is teasing it in a newly released video. The automaker isn't offering many details yet, but the clip lets us extrapolate a little of what to expect.

The teaser never provides a clear view of the car, but the rounded corners of the front end immediately evoke the 1970 Dodge Challenger. For a modern touch, an LED strip runs underneath and then vertically on each side, but this is reminiscent of the shape of the first-year Challenger's bumper. 

Gallery: Dodge Electric Muscle Car Teaser

The raised sections on each side of the bonnet also appear to come from the early Challenger. Although, this element looks more prominent on this vehicle than on the classic coupes.

There is one image with a good look at the car from the side. The flowing roofline from the Challenger seems to be the major styling inspiration.

The rear appears to have recessed taillights, which is another classic Challenger design cue.

The triangular emblem is blue on the front and red on the back. It's a stylised version of the Fratzog badge from 1962 through 1976 Dodges. According to a story on Dodge Forum, Fratzog doesn't mean anything. The company told the designer to give the design a name, and he came up with something nonsensical.

The powertrain for this machine is a complete mystery, beyond it being electric. At the end of the video, the car does a four-wheel burnout, so we can surmise there's at least one electric motor powering each axle.

The announcement came during Stellantis' EV Day event where each of the corporation's brands had an opportunity to lay out their respective future. Dodge put the focus squarely on performance by having boss Tim Kuniskis stand outside of the Dodge family mansion with an array of the company's historic models on display outside of the massive building.

The video's message suffers from cognitive dissonance, though. Within the first minute, there's a bold message stating: "Dodge Will Not Sell Electric Cars." This seems to setup the company focusing on hybrids but nope. At 3:33, the automaker confirms the electric muscle car and launches into the teaser video.