If the Internet is the supreme authority in car design, then the new BMW 2 Series Coupe is a swing and a miss. Read the comments on articles about the G42 and you'll immediately realise there is a lot of controversy regarding the coupe's exterior design. Ironically, the negativity does not stem from the grille as was the case with the M3 and M4 since the kidneys have a normal size.

But what if the 2er had a different design? Well, BMW has shared an early three-in-one sketch of its smallest coupe and it channels more retro vibes than the final product. The circular lights of the orange and grey cars are likely a nod to the 02 Series, as are the centrally mounted dual exhaust tips. The yellow coupe is closer to the real thing but features different taillights rather than the quirky set used by the final car. The rear clusters are one of the main talking points on the 2022 2 Series Coupe as some believe they don't really fit into the car's general design.

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Being sketches, especially ones conceived early in the design phase, some of the accents have been exaggerated for greater impact. The wheels are oversized and the car rides impossibly low to the ground, while slim side mirrors and the absence of door handles give the side profile an unrealistically sleek appearance.

The lack of a manual gearbox (for now) doesn't help the 2 Series Coupe's cause either, so some of the diehard BMW fans are hoping the M2 will address the styling issues and put a clutch pedal back inside the cabin. Time will tell whether people will warm up to the car's styling, which generally speaking, a good design is "not about pretty or ugly" per BMW's design boss Domagoj Dukec.

Note: Attached at the end of the photo gallery above are additional design sketches of the new 2 Series.