On 7 July 2021, BMW Motorrad officially launched the CE-04 electric scooter, which it says is only the first piece of its vision for electrified urban mobility. We knew the near-series version by the name “Definition CE-04" since its introduction in 2020. Now that the model has come of age, and is making its debut in the world, it’s content to go by the much simpler CE-04 instead.  

Let’s talk about power. BMW says it’s rated at 15 kW, or about 20 bhp. Maximum output is 31 kW, or about 42 bhp. Reduced output versions will be available for learner licenses in applicable markets, including an 11 kW (15 bhp) version and a 23 kW (31 bhp) version. An 8.9 kWh battery provides power to the motor, with an estimated city use range of around 130 kilometres, or just under 81 miles. The reduced output version has a claimed range of 100 km, or 62 miles.  

Throughout the launch presentation, the BMW Motorrad team emphasised how greatly it feels that the CE-04's battery and charging technology has benefited from being part of the BMW Group. Since the automotive side has been delving deeply into electric vehicle technology and research, it put the Motorrad in a great position to take advantage of all that R&D in bringing the CE-04 to life.  

BMW CE-04 - Riding - Right Front View
BMW CE-04 - Side Storage Compartment For Jet Helmet

If your battery is completely flat, charge time is a claimed four hours and 20 minutes. An available quick charger drops that down to one hour and 40 minutes. However, as most of us with smartphones and laptops are well aware, most people don’t usually like to let their electronic devices get completely down to zero battery before anxiously reaching for our charging cables.

That’s why BMW also says that if the CE-04's battery gets down to 20 percent, and you want to just charge it to 80 percent before you hit the road, that quick charger can make it happen in just 45 minutes. There are ideal conditions, and then there’s the real world, and it seems that BMW is thinking of both. 

Other features include automatic stability control, with dynamic traction control as an available option. Three pretty self-explanatory ride modes come standard: ECO, Rain, and Road. Dynamic riding mode is available as an option. All CE-04s come with twin disc brakes up front and a single disc in the rear, and you roll on 15-inch wheels, which will undoubtedly be cushier and more comfortable than a lot of smaller scooters with smaller wheels. ABS is standard, and cornering ABS is available as an option.  

LED lighting all around comes standard, as does the 10.25-inch TFT colour dash with connectivity and integrated navigation system. There’s a mobile phone charging compartment with a USB-C charging port, and it is actively ventilated to keep your phone cool—which seems especially good if you’re making it heat up with music streaming or navigation while you’re riding. Front and side storage compartments can hold quite a bit—and there are available luggage options you can add for more storage. Both the battery and storage compartments are waterproof, according to BMW. 

Gallery: 2022 BMW CE-04

The CE-04 will be available in the Light White colourway, which also features contrasting matte black sections. The Avantgarde Style option comes in Magellan Grey metallic with a black and orange seat, an orange windscreen, and a number of graphics.  

Different saddles will be available straight from the factory, including both low and extended seat options, as well as options with and without backrests. As you’d expect, plenty of other accessories to change up your CE-04 and make it yours will also be available from BMW, and we’re certain aftermarket suppliers will come up with their own takes, as well.  

BMW also took the time to briefly go over the connected riding parka it’s developed to pair with the CE-04. It offers soft, unobtrusive armour, the ability to change LED lighting colours to help make you more visible in traffic, and of course full smartphone integration.  

The CE-04 will be available as a 2022 model, with pricing and availability still yet to be announced as of 8 July, 2021. BMW Motorrad says it will be a worldwide model, and invited several people from BMW Motorrad outposts around the world to participate in its introduction.