Mini introduces a new Multitone roof with a gradient three-colour effect as an option for the three- and five-door versions of the Hatch and the Clubman. It offers a new way for buyers to give their car a visual flourish. This layout is already available for the Mini Cooper SE EV.

The availability of a contrasting roof has been a staple for the Mini going back to the original model. The Multitone roof is just an extension of that by using a wet-on-wet painting process to create a vibrant colour gradient that shifts in shade from the back to the front of the vehicle.

Gallery: Mini Multitone Roof

The Multitone roof transitions from San Marino Blue at the front to Pearly Aqua in the middle and finally Jet Black at the tail. The result is certainly eye-catching if you see it, but we wonder how many people are trying to get a good look at the top of a Mini.

To get this effect, Mini first applies the lightest colour, which is Pearly Aqua. Then, the other two shades go onto the top. The process is fully automated, but the complexity means there are slight deviations in the pattern on each vehicle, giving them a touch of uniqueness.

With the Multitone roof, Buyers can select nearly any of the available colours for the rest of the body. Chili Red and British Racing Green metallic can't be combined with this effect for the Mini Hatch, and buyers can't order the Clubman in Indian Summer Red metallic.

The Multitone effect is available with the optional panoramic glass roof and roof rails.  

Like many auto brands, Mini is currently in a state of transition. The automaker intends to introduce its final combustion-powered vehicle in 2025. From there, the company plans to end offering ICE products and be an entirely EV brand in 2030.