Singer has a well-earned reputation for creating some of the coolest bespoke air-cooled Porsche 911s in the world. It appears the COVID-19 pandemic hasn't slowed progress at the California-based company, as two new 964-era 911s from Singer will grace the grounds at the 2021 Goodwood Festival of Speed.

The twins are actually part of a new initiative at Singer called the Dynamics and Lightweighting Study (DLS). As the name suggests, Singer takes extra steps to make these classic 911 restorations lighter and faster, and looking at the stats, we think they succeeded. The two cars featured here make use of a unique 4.0-litre naturally aspirated flat-six engine generating no less than 500 bhp (373 kilowatts) at 9,000 revs. The power comes with all kinds of carbon-fibre upgrades that both improve aero while reducing weight.

Singer will build 75 DLS 911s, each being commissioned by a specific customer to custom specifications. As such, no two should be completely alike just as we see here, starting with the dark green 911 called the Oxford commission. It wears an exterior shade called Oak Green Metallic that's accented with Champagne trim, with an interior finished in Bone White and Tartan seat centres. The light green 911 is called the Unico commission and wears an exterior shade called Absinthe Green. Nickel trim along with Blood Orange both outside and inside offers sharp contrasts, and it's fitted with extras like air-con and a front-lift system.

Singer Porsche 911 DLS Interior
Singer Porsche 911 DLS Interior

Both 911s benefit from a bespoke double-wishbone front suspension and lightweight rear suspension. Magnesium centre-lock wheels wear Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tyres, and to help tame the widowmaker reputation of the 964, the cars have modern assists such as traction and stability control. Various drive modes also help drivers get the most from their superb Singer 911s.

Along with the cars comes fresh news of Singer's new location in the UK, which serves as the home of operations for the new DLS cars. In this respect, debuting at Goodwood is something of a homecoming for the Singer team.

"We've had so many milestones at Goodwood – from launching our first Targa restoration on the Cartier Lawn, to sharing our 10th anniversary with our clients driving their own cars on the famous Hillclimb," said Singer CEO Mazen Fawaz. "It's only fitting that our newest chapter, the first two client-specification examples of the Dynamics and Lightweighting Study, are providing another first at Goodwood."

The 2021 Goodwood Festival of Speed runs from 8 through 11 July.