There's a segment of the automotive enthusiast community that very few folks are privy to. We're not talking about the exotic lifestyle because let's be honest – over 10,000 Lamborghini Huracáns, have been built and you'll find one in the garage of every pseudo-successful would-be racer in the world. No, we're talking about what lies beyond. We're talking about Manny's world.

Of course we're talking about Manny Khoshbin and his collection of rare hypercars. Specifically, this article focuses on a singular 2006 Bugatti Veyron that stands out in his garage for not being entirely white. The white-blue two-tone finish is exceedingly pretty on the Veyron's organic shape, but alas, Khoshbin doesn't drive it much. As such, the same set of Michelin Pilot Sport PAX tyres that were fitted at the factory are still on the ground. Anyone who knows even a little bit about cars – or basic science – knows that rubber gets quite dry and brittle over time.

That's not good for a $500 Chevrolet winter beater, never mind a million-dollar hypercar with 1,000 bhp. Then again, resting in a climate-controlled garage where regular attention is given to the cars whether they're used or not doesn't exact quite the same toll on tyres. Admittedly, we don't know how much attention is given to tyre care but consider this – Khoshbin comments that he forgot to put on special booties to move his Chiron 100 feet from the garage. Somehow, we suspect the Veyron's tyres are just fine despite their age, though some hardening has likely taken place.

The video is just 10 minutes long, shot mostly inside the Veyron as Khoshbin takes it for a monthly trip around the block. He answers some questions, offers some insight, and eventually heads back to the garage where he ironically calls the Veyron a driver's car compared to the Chiron. Whether the driver's car gets driven again within the next month remains to be seen.

Still, the video does offer a reminder about the importance of tyre condition beyond simply checking the tread. An old tyre that's dried out can be just as dangerous on the road as one without any tread. So before you head out in your 1,000-bhp hypercar or your 100-bhp Nissan, it's not a bad idea to at least look at the tyres every now and again.