At drag strips, muscle cars and supercars are common. More recently, Tesla models are also becoming popular contenders in straight-line races. No matter what drag race you go to anywhere in the world, we can guarantee that you'll hardly find passenger vans at the starting point.

But not the Mercedes V-Class, or specifically this unassuming black V-Class in a video posted by Automotive Mike. While this German van doesn't really look fast at first glance (its wheels are the only thing visibly upgraded from the outside), it's actually powered by a twin-turbo V8.

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Responsible for making this sleeper is GAD Motors – a German tuning firm known for its high-powered creations. Originally, the V-Class here is powered by a 190-bhp (142-kilowatt) diesel engine. GAD saw an opportunity to fit a twin-turbo 4.0-litre V8 in its engine bay, but the power plant didn't fit quite nicely.

To solve the issue, the German tuner had to create a custom engine for the project, which gave birth to an M177 with modified GAD parts. Yes, that's the same mill you'll find inside the Aston Martin DBX, now powering this luxurious passenger van.

Even better, the interior of this V-Class wasn't altered, so we're pretty sure the driver and passengers can cruise in comfort and style on unrestricted sections of the German Autobahn.

The final power output of the bespoke M177 engine is 585 bhp (436 kW). This incredible performance number is partnered with ceramic brakes and modified suspension. GAD also installed a new exhaust system, which you'll hear in the video.

So, next time you see a V-Class at a drag strip, don't judge it just yet. You might want to pop its bonnet first before challenging the humble people carrier in a drag race.