Where do we even start? There are no words that can really do this video justice. It honestly speaks for itself. Watching the Tesla Model S Plaid challenge the Ford Mustang Shelby GT is almost unreal to the point of being comical. It's not something that can even be explained.

Zero to 60 in around 2 seconds and a quarter-mile run in just over 9 seconds is crazy, but you have to see the Model S Plaid in action versus other quick cars to really have any idea what this looks like. You've probably already seen the Model S Plaid acceleration videos where it's alone on a track or a road, but those videos don't provide something to compare it to.

It's kind of like telling someone that something is really large and sending them a photo that doesn't include anything to size it up to. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say it's like watching a cheetah racing a turtle. However, the crazy part here is that the turtle is a really quick and sought-after performance car.

The video above is short, but it's full of interesting races, including a Model 3 versus a BMW M3. However, if you're just here to watch the Model S Plaid make a joke of the Shelby Mustang, scroll ahead to the 4:20-mark. Yes, it really starts at 420. We bet the video editor had a hand in this.

Check out the video to see the magic.