The Ferrari 296 GTB has just been revealed last month but it's already getting a redesign, albeit, unofficially. Unlike other car design alterations we've seen before, this one has more merit as it's coming from Frank Stephenson, the first Director of Ferrari-Maserati Concept Design and Development in Maranello and Modena. His works with the Prancing Horse include the Ferrari F430 and FXX.

The 296 GTB's design isn't really bad in Stephenson's eyes, though. In fact, he's impressed with its overall styling, prompting him to give the V6-powered Ferrari an 8.9 rating out of a perfect 10.

Gallery: Ferrari 296 GTB

But then again, it still can be improved as discussed in Stephenson's latest upload (embedded above). Up front, the ex-Ferrari design boss wants to shorten the cartoonish opening on the lower bumper, while a blacked-out roof can improve the greenhouse's look, according to him. The side mirror caps could be blacked out as well, while he said that the newest Ferrari would look more aggressive with body colour rocker panels. He also employed a few more improvements on the junction between the window, roof, and side body panels.

At the rear, Stephenson isn't completely sold with the squarish taillights and prefers the round ones commonly found on modern Ferraris.

Overall, the final rendering shows the subtle yet effective changes but of course, designs will always be subjective. We reckon you might not agree with the alterations he made and that's okay. He's just an ex-Ferrari design boss and the one responsible for the McLaren lineup we all grew fond of.

Speaking of McLaren, while design was the subject of this article, the Ferrari 296 GTB is actually a McLaren Artura fighter in terms of performance.