Would you like to watch James May slowly pull the cover off of his new car for 5 minutes? Well then, this is the video for you as we get to watch James May reveal the car he purchased to replace his old Hydrogen Fuel Cell Mirai.

It appears James May really believes the hydrogen fuel cell cars could be the future as he’s decided to purchase the all-new Toyota Mirai. Before you complain that this is a small change to the previous Mirai let James explain how Toyota completely changed its hydrogen-powered economy car into a full-fledged luxury car of the future.

The original Toyota Mirai was a unique experiment to bring hydrogen fuel cell technology to a select group of early adopters in specific parts of the world. For example, in the United States, California is the only place where you can purchase a new Mirai. If you think electric vehicle infrastructure is lacking, wait until you try and find a hydrogen fuelling station. After the proof of concept was complete, it was time for Toyota to make the Mirai a genuinely appealing vehicle and more of a status symbol.

Much like the original Tesla Model S did for EVs, the new Toyota Mirai seeks to do the same for hydrogen power vehicles. The plan to take something from appliance to desirable luxury good is exactly what it takes to build up a following with potential customers. The original Mirai was very Prius like while the new car is reminiscent of a Lexus luxury saloon while adding in all of the latest in-car technology.

On James’s first drive he may have spent most of the time in London traffic but that didn’t stop him from enjoying his new Mirai.