UAZ, Russia's home-grown car company, has published a photo of a new camper based on its Profi pickup truck. According to the company, the camper will get all the goodies necessary for long trips away from civilization, and we should see it debut soon. However, the company provided no timeline. 

The new home-away-from-home doesn't have a name just yet, but UAZ promises it'll include nearly everything one needs to enjoy quiet seclusion. The features include a sofa that can transform int a raised bed, a well-equipped kitchen, and a bathroom with a toilet and shower. Specific details are scarce, but judging by the photo, it appears to have a two-level layout with a sleeping compartment tucked over the front of the cab, hidden in the tall roof.


UAZ didn't specify when the new camper would debut, nor did it mention when it'd go on sale. However, the company did indicate in the post that it'll break cover in the "foreseeable future." UAZ shared a photo of the camper on Instagram, and in the comments, the company said that it has no plans to offer a diesel engine in the camper. That means it'll likely pack a 2.7-litre petrol engine that produces between 143 and 150 bhp, which should be plenty for most people in most situations.

The company's move to campers isn't surprising. During the pandemic, demand for campers and other getaway machines increased dramatically, and that trend is reaching Russia. It's a convenient way to travel and one that must be growing if UAZ is entering the market. UAZ hasn't announced how much it'll cost.

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