The internal combustion engine is an amazing piece of engineering. By combining precisely designed pieces of metal and some gaskets, these powerplants can easily move humans at a mile a minute (60 miles per hour) or much more. To really appreciate what this means, watch these guys make a Honda Civic that gets power from a bicycle built for two.

The construction is pretty simple. The engine is already out of the Civic, but the gearbox is still in place. The builders remove the bike's rear wheel and build a frame for attaching it to the car. A belt attaches the rear cassette to the vehicle's transmission. 

The result of this work is that two guys on the bike can pedal to power the car. Meanwhile, the person behind the wheel is responsible for steering and shifting into the appropriate gear.

These guys naturally decide that the best place to take this machine is on a drive to the local McDonald's. They manage to reach a rousing 2 miles per hour, which is slower than the average person walks, there is forward progress, though.

Everyone (except for one driver) loves the sight of these two guys pedaling the bike while their buddy has the much easier job of steering from inside the Civic. Nearly everyone they pass has a phone out to record the bizarre vehicle.

They eventually make it to McDonald's and naturally go through the drive-through to order because that's the most eye-catching option for a bike-powered car. After getting their drinks, it's time to head back.

Unfortunately, the cops take interest in the bizarre contraption and pull over the vehicle. The police officer is very confused, though, and lets them pedal away.