Friends, stick with us on this brilliant celebrity car story, because it truly is something different and in this case, different is very good. We're all used to seeing actors, sports stars, and music moguls strutting around in snazzy cars, and honestly, most of the time it comes across as pathetically fake. Flashy cars garner attention; it's part of the superstar lifestyle but do these folks really love cars for the mechanical wonders they are?

Enter Sydney Sweeney. The 23-year-old actress already has dozens of film and television credits to her name, not the least of which being Tarantino's Once Upon A Time... in Hollywood, and starring roles in the HBO series Euphoria as well as Hulu's critically acclaimed series The Handmaid's Tale. She's an occasional model, she's schooled in mixed martial arts, but there's something else that readers will appreciate. She a legit car-crazy gearhead who doesn't just drive them. She wrenches on them.


A couple of days ago, Sweeney mentioned working on her dream car in an Instagram post. That led us to her TikTok page appropriately titled Syds_Garage where she's posted several videos of her work-in-progress, a 1969 Ford Bronco. A video dated February 19 shows her behind the wheel of the red Bronco; we don't know if that's when she got the vintage off-roader but from there we're treated to a series of short clips of the restoration work she's doing.

The Bronco doesn't look too rough, but the undercarriage is a bit crusty so she's replacing suspension components while doing some rust repair and treatment. A short clip also reveals she's doing a transmission swap to make it a bit more streetable, which makes sense as we think it came with a vintage three-on-the-tree manual transmission. We see her working on the engine, the frame, and yeah, she's driven a three-on-the-tree and she's doing a trans swap. How many "hardcore" car fanatics out there can claim such accomplishments?


The clincher for us is a video where Sweeney says she always wanted to restore cars herself. Apparently, the inspiration came after she rented a classic Bronco for her 22nd birthday, which led to her buying this one and literally diving in with both hands to freshen it up. We hear celebrities touting their "passion" for cars all the time, but it's usually just talk. Sweeney is walking the walk, and with the car scene being such a male-dominated arena filled with toxic masculinity, it's both refreshing and tremendously inspiring to see a strong young woman in Hollywood going full-on car crazy with a built not bought project.

And once the Bronco is done, apparently there's a classic Mustang in Syd's garage awaiting some upgrades. We can't wait to see what comes next.