Maserati has unveiled the latest addition to its Fuoriserie Programme, a one-off creation called the Levante Trofeo Fuoriserie Edition for Massimo Bottura.

Made in collaboration with Massimo Bottura, a Trident ambassador and a famous chef of Italian cuisine, the Maserati Levante was transformed into a wild-looking SUV, "an explosion of creativity, a rare display of freedom of expression and the visual impact of a life lived in vivid colours," according to the automaker.

Gallery: Levante Trofeo Fuoriserie Edition for Massimo Bottura

As you can see, the Levante Trofeo Fuoriserie Edition for Massimo Bottura is styled with multi-coloured splashes on its Blu Stradale exterior, which you can also see within the cabin. You'll find the loud design on the Levante's centre console and dashboard.

According to Bottura, he sees off-road adventures as a work of action painting. Citing his experiences through the Emilian countryside in vintage cars, he imagines the splashes of mud after an off-road adventure as "racing scars," interpreted on the Levante in full colour.

This one-off creation is part of Maserati's Fuoriserie Programme that was launched last year. Launched with three cars on its portfolio initially, the customisation programme ultimately opened doors to Maserati customers in creating their own versions of the Italian vehicles.

In the customisation programme, there are three starting points to choose from, namely Corse, Unica, and Futura. Corse is dedicated to gentlemen drivers, it can be recognised by the liveries inspired by historic competition models. Unica, on the other hand, is dedicated to fans of fashion, art, and culture. Futura is dedicated to the most sporty customers and tech lovers.

While the Fuoriseries Program was initially opened with three of Maserati's lineup, the MC20 supercar is also available for customisation with a rich selection of colours and paintwork.