In January 2021, we learned of Fiat's plan to offer a cabrio version of the 500X compact crossover. We only had thin information to go on, and with visions of the extremely awkward and short-lived Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet dancing in our heads, we kept a cautious eye towards Fiat for updates. Now, the vision is nearly reality and to our relief, it's not a proper convertible. It does have a curious name, however.

This is a preview of the new Fiat 500X Yachting. Fiat CEO Olivier Francois took to Instagram with a modest teaser video that doesn't tease as much as reveal the whole enchilada. We call it a teaser because Fiat doesn't offer an official press release or photos just yet, but the Instagram video embedded below spills the major details.


The focal point is obviously the fabric roof, which really acts more like a large sunroof as opposed to a traditional open-roof vehicle. It doesn't even open as far as the fabric top on the500C, stopping at the back of the roof instead of extending downward. Still, it gives occupants in the 500X plenty of air while retaining structural rigidity, something that's rather important in a unibody crossover.

Gallery: Fiat 500X Yachting Teaser Screenshots

The 500X Yachting is more than just its roof. As the name suggests, yachts are a source of inspiration for this special edition crossover and that's seen both in the mahogany dash and nautical-grade materials found in the interior. The teaser also mentions ocean blue details, which presumably refers to its exterior shade and colour-matched trim. Special badging is found both inside and out, but other details – if there are any – are still under wraps.

We won't have long at all to wait for an official announcement. The Instagram post says the new 500X Yachting "will hit the market" on 1 July.