Because emissions regulations are tougher in Europe than pretty much anywhere else, automakers have to constantly update their lineups in order to avoid having to pay hefty fines for exceeding CO2 fleet levels. Case in point, the Wrangler will be going PHEV-only from next year and that will effectively kill the two-door version since the electrified powertrain is only offered in the more practical body style.

In other words, the two-door Wrangler will be a thing of the past on the Old Continent pretty soon. As a matter of fact, it has already been discontinued in several Euro countries, such as France. Automotive News Europe has learned from a Jeep spokesperson the fate of the Wrangler sans rear doors has been sealed since the plug-in hybrid hardware associated with the 4xe model doesn't fit within the shorter wheelbase of the two-door variant.

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Data obtained by JATO Dynamics shows approximately 30 percent of Wrangler customers in Europe opt for the two-door version. Jeep sold a little over 2,600 examples of the iconic off-roader in the first five months of the year on Euro land where the company also offers electrified 4xe derivatives of the Compass and Renegade.

It's safe to assume the V8-powered Wrangler Rubicon 392 has zero chances of reaching Europe where naturally aspirated eight-cylinder engines are practically nonexistent. Much like the 4xe, the sporty version also comes exclusively with four doors, and would probably cost an arm and a leg after factoring in all taxes associated with big-engined vehicles in many European markets.

As a final note, the United Kingdom will be an exception to Jeep's 4xe-only Euro-spec Wrangler as the regular petrol-fuelled version will continue.