The Porsche Macan EV goes on sale in 2022, and these new spy shots offer a fantastic look inside the upcoming electric crossover. There are views of the partially exposed exterior, too.

The cabin of this Macan EV appears to be about 80 percent of the way toward being production-ready. The weirdest part is the digital instrument display. There's an arched screen, but a rectangular one is visible right behind it. The boxier one might be an earlier placeholder that is still in place.

Gallery: Porsche Macan EV Spy Shots

The key goes between the digital display and the wide infotainment screen. The photos provide a glimpse of the navigation system in action. Like on the Taycan, the passenger also appears to get his or her own monitor on the dashboard.

The centre console also seems to be a screen. There is a row of physical buttons but with no indications of what they are for. Possibly, the display above and below them can change to affect how they function.

On the outside, this Macan EV wears coverings over the headlights and grille. The four LED strips in the lamps appear to be a production part, though. There's a fake upper grille, and more lamps flank it. The lower inlet is actually open.

The side of the body has extra panels on the lower part of each door. On a vehicle wearing a camouflage wrap, these pieces might actually conceal the exterior design, but they aren't hiding anything here. 

Another panel is concealing the C-pillar. It's doing a better job of hiding the Macan EV's styling, though.

Porsche's engineers don't want our spies seeing the Macan EV and attempt to cover it while the photographers are snapping the rear of the vehicle. There's only a glimpse of it here, but the images show full-width taillights and fake exhaust pipes.