While we know that a new Land Rover Range Rover is on the way, these shots are the first time we are seeing the development of the next-gen Range Rover Sport in over a year. The downside is that the engineers aren't ready to strip off much of the camo yet.

Like with the current model, the new Range Rover Sport looks a whole lot like the next-gen RR. Judging by these photos, the Sport has different headlights that are even smaller LED strips than on the other model. The grille has a rectangular shape instead of the subtle trapezoid for the full Range Rover.

Gallery: Land Rover Range Rover Sport Spy Photos

In profile, the major difference is at the back where the Sport has a larger rear spoiler and sharper angle for the back glass. The tweaks make the model look more aggressive than the next-gen Range Rover.

The rear is especially well camouflaged, which makes the styling difficult to discern. Compared to photos of the next Range Rover, the Sport seems narrower, and the hatchback glass looks smaller.

While there are no photos here, we'd expect them to have similar cabins. Like most modern premium vehicles, there are lots of screens inside the new SUVs.

Both the Range Rover and Sport will ride on Land Rover's Modular Longitudinal Architecture. The underpinnings make extensive use of aluminium to reduce weight over existing models. In terms of powertrains, mild-hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and full EV options are on the way.

We are expecting the new Range Rover to debut late this year and go on sale in early 2022. The current speculation is that the Sport would have a premiere near the end of 2022 and enter the market as a 2023 product.