We love smart things - and no, we are not talking (only) about smartphones, smart tablets, smart hand watches, and those kinds of gadgets. We are much more interested in smartly constructed motorhomes and caravans that offer practicality and simple yet functional solutions. The latest example comes from France and we have to admit it’s one of the smartest caravan designs we’ve ever seen.

Oddity Mall brought to our attention the Beauer 3X caravan which, at a glance, may look like a small two-person camper trailer but it can actually expand to three times its size at the touch of a button. It takes about 60 seconds to get it transformed into a 12 square meter (129 square foot) four-person caravan. The concept is patented by the French manufacturer and is based on telescopic technology that allows two modules to be extended horizontally to triple the living space.

Gallery: Beauer 3X camper trailer

We know you have questions. And to address the elephant in the room, no - you don’t have to move any furniture around. When the caravan is folded, the furniture is nested together and when you unfold it, the equipment automatically takes its place without any input required.

The entire build weighs about 950 kilograms (2,095 pounds) when in running order, which means you can tow it even with a compact SUV. The body is made of polyester with heat and sound insulation and you can order the camper with a number of optional features, including a shower, a TV, a heating system, an air conditioner, a biker carrier, and more. 

As opposed to the retro-inspired exterior design, the interior is very modern and minimalist. Even the base model comes equipped as standard with a kitchen, bathroom, private bedroom, and living area, as well as a large double bed. The kitchen has a fridge, gas hob, and sink with a water supply. Standard LED lighting ensures the interior is nicely illuminated.

In its base form, the Beauer 3X costs €29,900 which is the equivalent to about £25,700 at the current exchange rates. You can check out the full pricing information here.