F9 finally hit theatres last Friday in the US (8 July in UK), and the box office response has been nothing short of stellar. So far, the movie, the 10th instalment in the Fast and Furious franchise, has raked in $70 million (approx. £50 million) in the US, which is but a portion of its $405 million (£291 million) global box office return.

More movies are planned, of course, but if franchise star Vin Diesel had his way, the future would be a bit more musical than before.

Before the movie hit theatres, Diesel was hitting the press circuit to drum up excitement for the latest instalment, appearing on The Kelly Clarkson Show. During the interview, Clarkson asked Diesel if he would ever consider doing a Fast and Furious musical. Diesel lit up at the question, telling Clarkson that he’s been “dying to do a musical my whole life,” and he’d be open to doing a Fast and Furious one, too.

Obviously, there are no plans to develop such an instalment, though Diesel wouldn’t have to do much work to get ready. Last year saw Diesel release to singles as he ventured beyond acting and into music. The actor also revealed in the interview that he nearly starred in a Steven Spielberg-helmed adaptation of Guys and Dolls that never came to fruition. Having Diesel and the family break out into song and dance between the high-paced action sequences would truly be a sight.

A musical instalment of the Fast and Furious franchise isn’t happening anytime soon. There are at least three more movies in development: A follow-up to the Hobbs & Shaw spinoff, another movie in the main franchise, and an additional woman-led spinoff. None of them have been announced as musicals, and that’s kind of a shame considering Diesel’s excitement. However, we don’t know what’s planned for the franchise after these three films.