The Grand Tour co-host Jeremy Clarkson has branched out from talking about just cars. Earlier this year, his new show Clarkson’s Farm premiered on Amazon Prime, replacing the usual talk of horsepower with discussions about cattle and the weather. The show had Clarkson sticking close to home and firmly behind the wheel of his ridiculous tractor, and he’ll be back in front of the camera on his farm for a second season.

The Sun is reporting that Clarkson’s Farm will get a second season after the show’s first season became one of the service’s highest-rated shows. News of the show’s second season comes from an unnamed source who also said that Clarkson is “Amazon’s golden boy,” confirming that a new season “is already in the pipeline.” The show sees Clarkson climb down from his leather-lined driver’s seat to get dirty with the day-to-day operations on his farm.

The first season (trailer above) is a delight to watch, even if Clarkson had to battle some of the worst farming weather ever seen in the UK. The first season started with Clarkson racing against the torrential rainfall and flooding to plant his crops, which he had to do with his oversized Lamborghini tractor. Clarkson is clearly out of his element, but an eclectic ensemble of helpers guarantees Clarkson doesn’t find himself in too much trouble when he’s delivering sheep, harvesting honey, or making owl homes. 

There’s no word as to when season two will air, though we’d wager we will see it around June of next year. Kaleb, Charlie, and Gerald are all expected to be back in front of the camera again. It’s been fun watching Clarkson navigate something new where each new triumph feels like a hard-won victory, and each tragedy is a learning opportunity. We can’t wait for season two and a host of new antics.