We bet anyone you've never seen a stretched Volkswagen Passat estate. That is, we bet you've never seen one where the stretched portion is just an extra Passat backside welded up to make a long-bed version. What purpose could such a modification serve on a vehicle like a B4-era Passat? That depends on a very important question. Are you alive, or dead?

If you're dead, then this Passat could be right up your alley. It's currently for sale in the Czech Republic town of Sumperk, where it lives as a special mode of transportation for the dearly departed. In simple terms, this Passat is the most unlikely hearse you've ever seen, and not just because it's blue instead of black. There actually isn't an extra Passat backside welded to the rear – the floor is stretched to accommodate a full-size casket and the entire rear section above it hinges opens to reveal the interior. And if we're honest, it's not the most hospitable looking place for a person to enjoy their last ride.

Gallery: Volkswagen Passat Custom Hearse

The car was reportedly custom built by a professional company and it's the only one known to exist. It appears to be in good shape, with a litany of maintenance work listed within the last several months. The current owner is also the original owner, and with just 30,000 kilometres (18,641 miles) showing on the odometer, we suspect this car has plenty of, um, life left in it. As a bonus, the Passat also comes with a dedicated set of winter tyres but that's not all. If you're willing to negotiate, the seller could throw in an honest-to-goodness casket to sweeten the deal.

So, what kind of deal are we talking about? Actually, it seems like a screaming good deal to us. The listing shows a price of CZK 50,000, which sounds like a lot but in GBP currency, those Czech Korunas equal just £1,684. Of course, there would be a slight fee to have it shipped across Europe, but where else will you find a creepy-cool long roof Passat with such a unique upfit?