Is there a rivalry between German automakers? Of course there is – there's a rivalry between all automakers, but we've certainly noticed some extra intensity from Germany on occasion. It's not a bad thing, as such competition keeps automakers on their toes, trying to push the envelope. And for those of us on the other side, occasionally it's a source of amusement.

Case-in-point is this hot-off-the-press social media post from Mercedes-AMG that, um, complements Porsche on setting a new Nürburgring production car record. A 911 GT2 RS fitted with Manthey Racing components smashed the previous record held by the Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series, but therein lies the rub with the AMG folks. Whereas Porsche used a vehicle with special add-ons, the Merc was as stock as you'd find it on the showroom floor.


The tone of AMG's post is generally congratulatory, but clearly they're injecting some shade over the 911 not being showroom stock. We suspect there are some folks out there who feel the same way, but technically speaking, the Manthey 911 GT2 RS is completely road legal and available to European customers through Porsche’s Tequipment accessory lineup. It even comes with a Porsche warranty. Perhaps Mercedes-AMG missed those points in Porsche's announcement on the new record.

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Still, we get it. The AMG GT Black Series is all AMG, whereas the GT2 RS isn't quite all Porsche. Furthermore, the front-engined Merc is absolutely incredible at tackling the Green Hell amid a sea of competitors with engines in the middle or back. With a 12.8-mile Nordschleife time of 6 minutes 43 seconds, there isn't another production-spec front-engined car that's remotely close to the AMG. You have to step clear back to 7:01 in the Dodge Viper ACR for the nearest competitor, so the crew from Affalterbach have nothing to be ashamed of.

As for Porsche, lapping the shorter Nordschleife route in 6:38 seconds with a road-legal machine is a phenomenal feat. And lest we forget, this is the 991-series GT2 RS. When the new model eventually arrives, could Porsche raise the bar even further?