[UPDATE] Video embedded above removed from YouTube.  -  Another day, another batch of Tesla Model S Plaid drag races and acceleration videos emerge. Here we can see Tesla's flagship racing against the Nissan GT-R.

As we can see, Tesla wins with ease, despite its time of 9.711 seconds not even being close to the record of 9.23 seconds. The GT-R was able to do 10.799, which means more than a second gap.

In the same video, ICSI shares also a 0-60 mph acceleration test at 66% state of charge, with two people on-board, which resulted in a time of 2.48 seconds. That's compared to about 2.3 seconds in normal conditions (fully charged, no passengers)

The second video, embedded below, [UPDATE: Video removed from YouTube] shows a Plaid Model S accelerate using Cheetah Launch Mode. It is, unwisely, performed on a public road, which we strongly discourage since it could result in a crash and injury.

Tesla Model S Plaid specs

  • up to 390 miles (628 km) of EPA est. range
  • battery capacity: N/A
  • 0-60 mph (96.5 km/h) in 1.99 seconds (*with rollout subtracted)
    0-100 km/h (62 mph) in 2.1 seconds (*with rollout subtracted)
    MotorTrend's 0-60 mph (asphalt, no rollout): 2.28 seconds; 2.3 seconds according to ICSI
  • 1/4 mile 9.23 seconds at 155 mph trap speed
    Jay Leno's 1/4 mile record of 9.247 seconds at 152.16 mph trap speed
  • top speed of 200 mph (322 km) †when equipped with the proper wheels and tires (available fall 2021)
  • three-motor all-wheel drive (one motor in the front and two motors in the rear)
  • system output: 1,020 hp (about 760 kW)
  • DC fast charging: at up to 250 kW (Superchargers)
    can replenish 187 miles (301 km) in 15 minutes
  • Drag Coefficient 0.208 Cd
  • Wheels 19" or 21"
  • Cargo 28 cu ft
  • Weight 4,766 lbs (2,162 kg)