Earlier this month, Maserati provided our first real look at the next-generation 2022 GranTurismo. The automaker released teaser images of the coupe wearing its production body, though that was covered by cladding and blue camouflage. Today, we have our first set of spy photos that show the GranTurismo without the Alfa Romeo Giulia body it had been hiding under; however, it continues to wear the same coverings as the car in Maserati’s teasers.

The new spy pics don’t give us the best look at the new coupe. The test vehicles are parked alongside other Maserati products, making it difficult for the photographers to get a clear shot of the car. The clearest ones are from overhead, giving a top-down view of the new coupe. The camouflage and cladding continue to hide the model’s finer styling details, but there’s no doubt this is a GranTurismo through-and-through.

Gallery: 2022 Maserati GranTurismo spy photos

Well, maybe not all the way through. While the next-gen GranTurismo has the looks to wear the iconic nameplate proudly, things will be different under the bonnet. The new GT will be Maserati’s first model to offer a fully electric variant, one of several coming to the lineup. However, it won’t be the only form of propulsion for the car. Maserati will offer it with other powertrains, with rumours pointing to the MC20’s Nettuno V6 finding its way under the GT’s bonnet.

The high-performance MC Stradale trim could offer more than 600 bhp (447 kilowatts), the nameplate possibly reserved for the all-electric model. The car would compete against models like the Tesla Model S and Porsche Taycan as there few two-door all-electric competitors. While an all-electric Gran Turismo sounds exciting, we’ll be waiting a bit before it debuts. The next-gen model, along with the all-new convertible GranCabrio, will debut sometime this year, though the electric variant won’t break cover until 2022.