Honda unveiled the new Civic Hatchback recently as a more practical and stylish alternative to the model’s saloon version available in markets abroad. Initially, it’s also going to be the only 2022 Civic available on the market with a manual transmission outside Europe until the next-generation Civic Type R arrives. It turns out we won’t have to wait too long until we see the hot hatch from Japan.

The original press information from Honda regarding the UK-market Civic Hatchback didn’t include information about the new Type R, but a version of the press release for the global audience does mention it will arrive in 2022 together with the Civic Hybrid which we already know is in Autumn 2022. The automaker doesn’t explain whether that’s for the Japanese, European, or North American market, though we expect both models to be available worldwide.

That’s literally everything Honda wants to share for now but, thankfully, we have some early details about the new Civic Type R to share with you. There are contradicting rumours, though, as far as we know, it will be offered exclusively with a manual transmission and will become the brand’s last purely petrol-powered vehicle in Europe. Also, don’t expect to see an AWD performance hatch as the automaker has officially ruled out the possibility for an all-wheel-drive derivative of the eleventh-generation Civic.

At this early point, it looks like the new Civic Type R will be an evolution of the current model with tweaks to the tried-and-tested formula. This means a 2.0-litre turbocharged engine should provide power for the hot hatch, channelling power to the front wheels through a six-speed manual gearbox. A minor power boost is likely in the cards but don’t expect anything huge considering the CTR will be driven by its front wheels only.