Would you take a heavy hammer to your Tesla Model 3 touch screen? Certainly not! How about in the name of science?

YouTube influencer TechRax decided it was time to find out exactly what happens if you smash the Tesla Model 3's centre display. He not only wondered how durable the screen is, but also, what will the Tesla do without the ability to control anything?

As automakers introduce new tech and remove most buttons and knobs, sceptics call the systems distracting and difficult to use while driving. They also fear for the worst. If a car like a Tesla is almost completely controlled by its touch screen, will the car even work properly once the display is damaged?

We've all likely had smartphones with a cracked screen, and sometimes the screen shatters almost completely. However, it stays glued to the phone and still allows you to perform some operations (careful not to cut your fingertips). Other times, the phone stops working completely. Based on these experiences, we have to assume that Model 3 touch screen may function the same. By this we mean it might depend on the circumstances and the amount of damage.

As you'll see in the video, the driver begins to hit the screen lightly with a heavy hammer while he's driving. The screen works fine even with the impacts and some cracks. He gradually increases the force until the screen is destroyed, but the car continues to be driveable. He says everything inside the car seems to remain working.

He goes so far as to pull the entire display off, but the car functions just fine. To be sure, he parks the Model 3, shuts it off, then restarts it. After restarting the car, it goes into reverse and drives and works without any touch screen whatsoever. Just a heads up, it will cost you about $1,500 to replace the display if you perform this science experiment on your Model 3.