Colour-shifting finishes aren't for everyone. That's especially true when the colour combination includes dramatically different shades, and you can't get much more contrasting than bright orange with black. That's the subject of the latest video from DipYourCar on YouTube, and you know what? It's not bad on this Mitsubishi Evo. Not bad at all.

The dip is labelled ZBO, and according to the video, it's the first orange-to-black Hypershift in the world. The company also offers a red-to-black shifting dip which does bear some resemblance, but the flake in the orange is much more pronounced and the tint definitely retains an orange hue even as it literally fades to black. By comparison, we covered the red-to-black offering from DipYourCar in December 2020 where it gave new life to an Audi RS7 riding on bronze Vossen wheels.

There are angles on that Audi where the red adopts an orangish-hue, but there's no mistaking the orange on this Evo. If anything, the flake in the dip might be too much as it certainly takes on a crazy-bright sparkle when the light hits it. In the Mitsubishi's case, the black wheels help temper the orange shock – we shudder at the thought of this car with the Audi's bronze wheels – but even portrayed in bright sunlight the overall effect has us really wanting to see this shift in person. However, folks who aren't a fan of aggressive metallic finishes may want to look away.

Mitsubishi Evo Orange To Black Wrap

According to DipYourCar's website, an order of ZBO large enough to dip a full-size car is a touch over $1,100 (approx. £790). All things considered, that's not an extreme price to give your ride a truly eye-catching, bespoke look.