If you think the Mercedes G650 Landaulet was absurd, wait until you see this. What started off as a typically boring Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD is now a much more exciting vehicle ready to conquer all roads while seating 11 people. Yes, there are no fewer than eight bucket seats in the bed plus three in the cabin (including the jump seat), meaning you can take your extended family on the ultimate off-road adventure.

We'd recommend checking the weather forecast to make sure it doesn't rain because the seats in the back are completely exposed to natural elements. For some degree of safety, the monster truck features a bed-mounted roll cage in case something goes horribly wrong and those meaty 66-inch tyres end up facing the sky.

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You'd expect such a vehicle to reside somewhere in the United States – the home of the monster truck – but it's actually up for grabs in the UK. Granted, it started its life stateside where TNT 4x4 Shop in Long Island, New York took its shop truck and heavily modified it to lure in more customers. It was shipped to the UK in 2014 when it earned the "Mayhem" nickname, and while it's not a fully-fledged competition truck, it’s been used in many car-crushing events.

Since it’s not a monster truck per se, the interior has been left largely untouched, aside from a yellow toggle box to control the four-wheel steering system. It also comes along with a passenger footwell-mounted braking control. There is some visible wear and tear as you would expect given the fact it's a first-gen Silverado HD, one that was used in the last five years for more than 30,000 rides.

Its 6.0-litre V8 engine produces around 300 bhp and the truck is in good condition, with no rust whatsoever and without any major dents. Needless to say, the gearbox has been subjected to quite a few changes to support those fat tyres, which can be swapped out for transport wheels whenever heading to an event.

Car & Classic will start the seven-day auction shortly and we will be keeping an eye on it since monster trucks are somewhat of a rarity in the UK, so it's hard to say if a lot of people will be interested in owning this monstrosity.