The ninth instalment in the Fast and Furious action-packed saga is finally coming out on 8 July in the UK after being pushed back a couple of times. What better way to celebrate the F9's release if not by introducing a timepiece just as over the top as the last couple of movies from the franchise?

Swiss watch brand Jacob & Co has joined forces with Universal Studios for the Twin Turbo Fast & Furious timepiece of which only nine will be made, one to mark each movie.

Carrying an eye-watering price of $580,000 (approx. £418,000), let's just say the watch costs more than those stolen VCRs from the original movie that hit theatres 20 years ago. Yes, the first one came out in 2001 – feeling old yet? Speaking of which, the big sapphire crystal face contains imagery hearkening back to the first movie to "capture the feeling of living life one-quarter-mile at a time."

Gallery: Fast & Furious Twin Turbo watch

The design is certainly not for everyone, especially considering the steep asking price. Aside from the Toyota Supra and Dodge Challenger tribute to the first movie, the timepiece contains the prominent "Fast & Furious Twin Turbo" lettering on the sapphire caseback to further drive the point home. It has a whopping 832 components along with a decimal minute repeater and an old-school “pit board” reference.

The extravagant watch boasts a black titanium and forged carbon case consisting of 88 parts and contains twin triple-axis tourbillons rotating at speeds of 24, 48, and 180 seconds along the three axes of rotation. Jacob & Co has fitted the Fast & Furious version of its Twin Turbo series of timepieces with a black leather strap that comes along with a titanium folding buckle.

Coming out in a couple weeks in the UK, F9 is not the end of the franchise as the series will be concluded after two additional movies. We can already imagine another opulent automotive-themed watch to mark the end of the long-running Fast and Furious saga.