Genesis showed the world its new G70 Shooting Brake back in May, with a promise that more information would be coming soon. That day will soon be upon us, as Hyundai's luxury arm will storm into the 2021 Goodwood Festival of Speed with its new long roof where it will make its first public debut. Joining the G70 Shooting Brake will be the striking Genesis X electric concept that was revealed in March 2021. The annual hill climb begins on 8 July.

"Honouring the region is so important to Genesis, which is why we chose to debut both vehicles at the distinguished British festival," said Dominique Boesch, managing director for Genesis Motor Europe. "In particular, the G70 Shooting Brake recognises the automotive heritage of Europe in both name and iconic design, unmistakably demonstrating the brand’s commitment to the region."

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We suspect some enthusiasts on the Old Continent might fall at odds with this version of the G70 being labelled a shooting brake. The traditional definition of a shooting brake is a two-door vehicle with a long bonnet and wings/fenders, where you have more space from the front of the door to the wheel arches compared to the rear door. Four-door long roof vehicles such as the G70 typically carry an estate or station wagon designation, but as we've seen with so many vehicle classifications over the years, definitions these days are blurred.

Regardless of what you call it, the G70 Shooting Brake carries an undeniably elegant, sporty presence. Size-wise, it matches the G70 saloon down to the millimetre, except of course for interior room. The estate conversion adds 40 percent more space for people and luggage inside, and a split folding rear seat makes the most of that capacity. Other information such as powertrain details or optional items will presumably be announced during its Goodwood appearance, but we don't anticipate anything extraordinarily different than what you find in the G70 saloon.

With SUVs and crossovers dominating the automotive scene, debuting a new luxury estate is certainly a bold move from Genesis. Clearly, the luxury brand from South Korea is keen to battle Mercedes-Benz, Audi, and BMW on their own turf with niche vehicles. Whether or not it eventually comes to North America remains to be seen.

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