As the United Kingdom is looking enforce a ban on the sale of all internal combustion-engined vehicles by the year 2030, it will have to shift its emergency vehicle fleet to electric as well. And it’s already started testing electric vehicles in these roles to see whether or not they are suitable, which is how this bespoke Tesla Model 3 came about.

It is officially built by Tesla UK, according to AutoExpress, and it will be given to the police force to gauge its suitability. It is worth noting that there are electric police cars already in use around the world (although Teslas are still quite rare in this role) and the last time we reported on a police department swapping out its old cars for Teslas was earlier in April when we discussed the Seaside, California police department replacing its old Ford Ford Crown Victorias with Model Ys.

Police cars need performance to keep up with fleeing criminals, which is why it appears this example is based on the Tesla Model 3 Performance. We don’t know what else is different aside from the police livery and the lights, but there surely must be some modifications inside, although those depend on what exact role the vehicle will play.

Tesla Model 3 police

Police departments don’t usually order the vehicles already modified by the manufacturer. They most often buy them stock and then modify them to fit their specific needs and they may end up having different variations of the same vehicle in their fleet, depending on what it will be used for.

One role the Model 3 Performance will be very good at are pursuits in urban areas where acceleration and manoeuvrability are key. Even longer-range chases shouldn’t be a problem as the vehicle is rated at over 300 miles (482 km), although, as you can imagine, driving it flat out would drop that number significantly.

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