Last year, our spy photographers spotted a Toyota GR Yaris prototype with a number of modifications running around the Nurburgring. But those were just still images, and it seems like the prototype has been spied again on the same track. This time, the sighting has been recorded via a video uploaded by CarSpyMedia on YouTube.

Based on the number plates, the more recent sighting shows exactly the same prototype going flat out on the popular German race track. And just as before, it could be the speculated, more hardcore next-generation Yaris GRMN.

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As seen in the video and the previous spy images, the modified GR Yaris here comes with a number of iterations that lead us to believe that it's the Yaris Gazoo Racing Masters of Nurburgring in development. It has differing front canards and a bigger wing, plus it appears to have vented wing/fender flares and seemingly stiffer suspension with a lower ride height.

The contraption at the rear is a bit of a mystery, though, along with the extra pieces hanging out underneath the vehicle.

Three years ago, Toyota's sports car hierarchy reveals that the current GR Yaris is just the mid-level model, with a more extreme GRMN sitting above it and an entry-level GR Sport right below.

At this point, there isn't any official announcement about a new Yaris GRMN. But for comparison, the current GR Yaris's 257 bhp and 360 Newton-metres (266 pound-feet) coming from the three-cylinder engine are more intense than the previous Yaris GRMN, so we can expect the upcoming new generation model to have more oomph than ever.

We'll know more about the new Yaris GRMN when it's due but for now, all we can do is speculate about this modified model in development.