When Volkswagen revealed the Tarok Concept back in 2018 in Brazil and in 2019 in New York, opinions were mixed about it. There were some hoping for the arrival of a compact pickup truck, while some weren't too keen about the concept. At that time, the idea of a unibody truck was fresh and unrivaled.

Fast forward to today, the idea of a small lifestyle truck has already reached fruition – not by VW, but by Hyundai with its Santa Cruz and most recently by Ford with its Maverick. However, VW of America isn't joining the fray despite upending the Blue Oval and the South Korean automaker with a concept.

Gallery: Volkswagen Tarok Concept

This was confirmed by Duncan Movassaghi, executive vice president for sales and marketing for the VW brand in North America, in an interview with Automotive News.

According to Movassaghi, VW's priority is to keep its existing ICE-powered vehicles competitive and expanding its electric vehicle lineup. He added that investing in a niche segment at this time doesn't make sense for the brand.

However, Movassaghi didn't close its doors in the possibility of a compact truck. In the same interview, he said that a VW battery-electric pickup entering the compact truck segment "could sure be an option."

At a glance, an electric VW compact truck does make sense. With the MEB platform currently employed for the automaker's zero-emissions lineup, creating a pickup using the modular platform could be a good move for the automaker, considering that both the Maverick and Santa Cruz both have internal combustion engines at their core.

But then again, nothing's confirmed at this point. We'll likely hear from the German brand whether they're willing to take the plunge with an electric truck in the years to come but for now, the Maverick and Santa Cruz can enjoy their head-to-head battle in the budding segment.