Can we collectively pour one out for the Mitsubishi Evo? It's hard to believe the legendary rally racer bowed out six years ago, but it at least went out with a bang. The Lancer Evolution Final Edition dished up 303 bhp (226 kilowatts) from its overachieving turbocharged 2.0-litre engine, but if that's overachieving, wait until you see what the bonkers Evo IX featured above can do.

We often turn to AutoTopNL for cool top-speed runs on unrestricted sections of German Autobahn, where such antics are legal. As such, we will extend the benefit of the doubt for this clip, though some short acceleration runs are clearly taking place off the beaten path. Then again, when you have a highly modified four-cylinder engine shooting flames while making no less than 706 bhp (526 kW), finding a spot with a bit of echo definitely adds to the excitement. And let's be honest –  there isn't nearly enough Evo content in our lives these days.

This ninth-generation model could be one of the most extreme streetable Evos we've ever seen. According to the video description, what's normally a 2.0-litre four-cylinder is actually punched up to 2.3 litres. As you might expect, it's built-to-the-hilt for big power with a forged crankshaft and a beefy bottom end. Everything is tricked out up top as well, and of course there's a massive turbocharger force-feeding the mill. A five-speed dog box doles out power to all four wheels, which have no problem breaking loose at lower speeds.

At higher speeds, the all-wheel-drive system serves the monster Mitsubishi well. The video features a couple of in-car sprints, with the first showing a traction-limited sprint to 62 mph (100 km/h) of just 3.1 seconds. The second in-car view, however, is downright humbling. Starting from 30 mph, the insane Evo blasts to 170 mph in just 23 seconds. The digital readout on the right reveals just a little bit of speedometer error that far around the dial, but the takeaway is still the same. This car is seriously quick.

The Evo might be gone, but it's certainly not forgotten.