[UPDATE] Video embedded above removed from YouTube.  -  We've seen all kinds of incredible wooden automotive masterpieces from Woodworking Art on YouTube. Heck, we've even seen wood-sourced replicas large enough to drive. Each one is filled with tiny details that are so good, sometimes they go unnoticed. This time around, there's absolutely no chance you'll miss the crowning achievement of the latest build.

Yes, the big Lexus grille is polarising and controversial. It's perhaps most polarising and controversial on the GX 460, which gained the spindle treatment for its most recent facelift in 2020. The SUV's mouth is exceedingly large, punctuated by rows upon rows of tiny Ls positioned at different angles to give it a spindle appearance. It's the defining visual characteristic of the SUV, and as such, it's also the defining characteristic of this 1/13 scale wooden replica.

And we do mean defining. Just like the real thing, this model GX 460 has the same number of L notches in the grille and each is angled in the appropriate direction. For the record, that's over one hundred notched Ls, all done in 1/13 scale. The process starts with simply chiselling out the lines in a cross pattern and honestly, the model would've looked just fine like that. After the large chiselling is done, a very small chisel comes in for the final pass.

Mind you, this is all done by hand – it's condensed into a 30-second montage about halfway through the video but in reality, you're looking at hours of extremely tedious work. Regardless of your opinion on the real-life GX 460 and its larger-than-life grille, this exceptional recreation is worthy of all the respect in the world.

That's not to say the rest of this wooden Lexus is merely adequate. Some of the details you might miss include extensive chisel work to create the 460's wavy body lines that are practically invisible on the final product. Naturally the doors open to reveal a detailed interior, the bonnet opens to show off the 4.6-litre V8 engine, and the wooden tyres with all their tread are bolted to functional suspension components front and rear.

We can't wait to see what's next on the chopping block.