Porsche’s EV gets a visual upgrade.

Electric vehicles aren’t known for wild styling as automakers focus on aerodynamic efficiency to maximise their range. However, new entrants like the Porsche Taycan add a dash of design pizzazz to their looks. But it’s not enough for the team at Avante Design, which has new body kits for the electrified saloon that tweaks the car’s styling into something a bit sportier.

Avante Design says it took inspiration for the Taycan’s body kit from the track-oriented Porsche 911 GT3 RS. The saloon gets a new front bumper with larger, sportier-looking intakes and a more defined front bumper design, which flows into the wider wings/fenders and under-headlight intake. One kit design shows wing/fender vents and a bonnet that is replaced with one that sports two vents. The car sits low over the tyres, too, adding to its visual presence that’s accented by the wider wings/fenders.

Gallery: Porsche Taycan By Avante Design

There’s a lot more going on at the rear, with Avante Design again borrowing from the GT3 RS. The diffuser gets a new design, though it’s tweaked because the Taycan doesn’t have any exhaust pipes, which the tuner said was a challenge to design. Adding to its sporty look is the centre brake light located on the diffuser, giving the car a track-ready appearance and new aero fins. All that hardware sits below a new lip spoiler or a massive wing, depending on the kit.

The two body kits add a lot to the Taycan’s otherwise sleek, though nonetheless sporty, design. The car looks meaner than the mainstream model, even if the kits do look a bit busy front and rear. Many of the body kits introduced for the electric Porsche emphasise sportiness, adding new front and rear fascias, wider wings/fenders, and other visual upgrades. Avante Designs is the latest to cater to the growing EV enthusiast community.