We have been getting very positive signals about the future of Lancia ever since the fabled Italian brand became part of the newly formed Stellantis automaker. We know there will be investments in the marque for at least a decade from now, giving Lancia very good chances of proving its worth. Meanwhile, the company will jointly develop a new model together with Alfa Romeo and DS. 

In another promising move, Stellantis has just announced Jean-Pierre Ploué, the automaker’s design boss (for the European brands), will personally oversee the Lancia design team. He will work closely together with a talented team of young designers on shaping up Lancia’s future products.

“Lancia renaissance is a truly exciting challenge,” Ploué commented after the announcement. “Lancia is an iconic brand, which will be restored to its central historical position in Europe, leveraging on its huge potential.” What a promise, right?

Not much else has been announced thus far but we hope we will learn more in the coming weeks and months. It would seem like a safe bet that Ploué will most likely be involved in the design work of Lancia’s new model co-developed with Alfa and DS. This may be pure speculation at this point but we also have reasons to believe he will be dealing with a crossover of some sort.

“I want to welcome Jean-Pierre Ploué. I am very honored we can leverage on such a diverse team of professionals to work together for the success of Lancia,” Luca Napolitano, the brand’s CEO added.

In the end, we can only hope all those positive signs about Lancia's future will lead to something really cool. If it's anything like the recently unveiled Kimera EVO37, we are all in.

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