The ferocious whine of the Mercedes-AMG One’s spectacular soundtrack is no secret, even as the car continues testing under camouflage wraps. However, it makes excellent noises at low speeds, too, with all the mechanical clanks and clinks paired with the low-speed burble of the F1-derived V6 engine. The latest spy video from the CarSpyMedia YouTube channel shows the supercar cruising the streets around the Nurburgring.

The driver never lays into the accelerator, but that doesn’t make the audio track any less compelling. The turbocharged 1.6-litre V6 is expected to rev up to 11,000 rpm, though it’s one part of the supercar’s hybrid powertrain. The engine will pair with four electric motors, with a total combined output of over 1,000 bhp (746 kilowatts). The all-wheel-drive hypercar will reach a maximum speed of 217 miles per hour (350 kilometres per hour), and it’s completely road-legal.

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It’ll be four years this September since Mercedes revealed the car, which was then called the Project One. The car took the bumpy road to production, delayed by its F1-derived engine, based on the Mercedes F1 W06 hybrid race car, that needed work to be road legal. The mill put the car back at least nine months during development as engineers worked to lower the idle speed and meet stringent emissions regulations. The fragile engine will need a complete rebuilt every 50,000 kilometres (31,069 miles), too.

Customer deliveries are scheduled to begin before the end of the year, so a full reveal with a complete rundown of its stats should be imminent. However, Mercedes could wait until the year’s final quarter for a proper introduction just to tease us, revealing the production body that’s still covered under camouflage. Mercedes could be hiding a few design tweaks from curious eyes. The company will produce just 275 examples of the supercar, each costing at least £3.5 million including taxes.