These days, 400 bhp in a performance car doesn't sound like a crazy amount. When the performance car only weighs 855 kilograms (1,885 pounds), however, it's more than enough for some serious acceleration. That's what the Dallara Stradale weighs, and with its Ford-sourced 2.3-litre EcoBoost engine, it can reach 60 mph in a scant 3.3 seconds. It can also rip your face off in the corners, but we suspect this particular version is even faster.

According to our sources, this version of the Stradale is – for now anyway – called the Stradale EXP. We say that because in this instance, EXP stands for experimental, as in the car is still a work-in-progress. Compared to the version that debuted back in 2017, this car sports a considerably larger wing at that back, not to mention a more aggressive rear diffuser and a centre-mount exhaust system where you'd expect to see a number plate. Or rather, we'd expect to see a number plate in locations outside the United States where the Stradale is road-legal. That's noteworthy because apparently, this EXP version isn't road-legal anywhere.

Moving forward, camouflage wrap covers much of the front. We suspect some extra aero trickery is happening here, especially since we can see small winglets on the lower corners just ahead of the front wheels. Larger vents help dissipate heat from the brakes, which also appear to be larger on this test vehicle. Our sources note that this Dallara Stradale EXP also rides on slick racing tires, further confirming this is definitely a machine dedicated solely to taming race tracks.

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On that front, it should be absolutely amazing. We're hearing this car develops upwards of 1,225 kg (2,700 pounds) of downforce, but the added equipment only raises the vehicle weight to approximately 890 kg (1,960 pounds) total. We're also told it's capable of pulling 2.7g during cornering, and watching it zip through twists and turns at Monza, we have no problem believing that figure. By comparison, Formula One cars are capable of 6g so getting half that capability in something you can buy? That's pretty impressive.

Speaking of buying, we have no idea when this version will be offered for sale. For that matter, we don't know how much it will cost but we do know the standard version fetches nearly 189,000 euro (around £162,300). That's probably a good place to start from.